Headline : GREENTEK


Description : As our parents age, it isn’t viable for us or caretakers to be with the seniors all the time. The AI SOS tracking belt is designed to ensure the seniors get help anytime, live safely and independently when aging in place. ·Nothing to wear, just putting the tracker belt on the bed and lying down to monitor your sleep status automatically.

Advantages of product :·Provide safe and optional ways for the elderly to summon help when in emergency: Press the button to activate an emergency call or ask for help by saying preset vocal command. ·The alert notification will be sent to the pre-programmed contacts(family numbers or caretakers) immediately. ·Keep remote track of your loved ones and view the specific sleep data of your parents on the App anywhere at anytime

Industries & Business targeted : AI SOS; Sleep tracker; Tracking mattress

Type of product or service : Health services / บริการพยาบาล

Brand’s Country of Origin : China


Company profile : Zhongyuan, founded in 1979, owning its brand “GREENTEK”, occupies an area of 80,000 sqm. Keeping innovation continuously for 40+ years, Zhongyuan has obtained more than 300 patents and built cooperative relationships in more than 100 countries and regions. At present, Zhongyuan has successfully developed a wide range of smart products for the elderly such as smart mattresses with SOS button to help seniors and caretakers get peace of mind throughout the aging process.